Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Oi - don't delete me!

I've been very busy for the last three months but the mission is almost complete. I'll have some art happening soon. I did the Ironman in Port MacQuarrie last weekend (highly recommended, a totally awesome big day out) I'm doing the Busselton half IM in three weeks. After that I should have time to art. I have some interesting sketches that may go further and a couple of canvases that I've been working on... sailing season is finished too so I'll be back.
Just don't delete me alright!


  1. Not a chance mate - your liked and loved way too much for that. Do you know that Snorkel is Mark O'Neil?
    Roj, just commit to what your time allows it's cool with me.

  2. or alternatively we could turn it into a sporting and art blog, that could be a first. I'm keen on mountain biking.

  3. IS HE JUST...who'd a thunk it. gday snork... emptyoh

  4. the origin of snorkel

    from my old surfing days when i spent more time under the water than above.

    after all your heroic deeds we still love you.

    look out for some sporty type ocean pics to come


  5. There is no reason why we can't come up with a sister site for leisure and recreation. We just need to create a name and concept.
    It could cover walking, treking, orienteering, cycling, swimming, snorkling, sailing indoor sport and keeping fit- for the middle aged?
    Any ideas for a name and slogan?

    BlogSportz - Keeping fit in the Blogosphere.

    Not Sitting - Artists who do more than standing.

    ArtBeat - Fitness for artists.

    Body Jockey - Whip that body, whip it good.

    Outside, Inside - Metaphysics for those want to go faster.

    SportSmelter - The leisure activities of artists.

  6. Have you ever thought about going into advertising David?

    How about "ImNotHereRightNow"
    or "LeaveAMessageImRiding"
    or "BeatsExercise"
    that last one sounds like an aerobics blog.

    I don't think it's a good idea to have a blog about sport, it should stay in the real world.


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