Wednesday, 9 April 2008

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Art life has really twisted up The Bird Proofer - he has become a cranky old man. I have never seen him so down in the mouth.


  1. how's it going Bro' Like the new title picture, would the Big S in artSmelter Look interesting on it's side?

  2. I have been busy looking for a job. The 'S' on on it's side might look good, but I did not save the image as an object orientated file, so I would have to start from scratch again. If I get time I might look at it.

  3. hmmm - I see you got me down in RED ink... is that like one off delete?
    The Ironman is done now - mission accomplished. Sailing has also finished for the year. I have a half Ironman to do in three weeks. After that training will be reduced for a few months and I can get some art going maybe. I did a few things a week or so ago and I have an interesting drawing to take further. Went to Art Gall NSW while there. Saw 3 Anslem Keifer works. He dont muck about.

  4. Ansel Keifer's name seems to be poppin' up everywhere at the moment. ArtSmelter should do a review/expose on him - I'm hoping as I get time to do a few reviews and stuff - feel free to do the same. You must be really fit at the moment - good to hear you are doing so well - you must be pushing 52 now - I will have to loose my wee pudge and catch up.
    I have bumped into you daughter a couple times in the last few months - she tells me she is now 30 - my how the time flies.

  5. The red ink just means you have visited that link. I changed the colour scheme sometime last week and refreshed the banner and Sub headings. I hope you approve.


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