Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Malcolm's - Book-ends

Here's a picture of a pair of book-ends that my Dad made us.


  1. I forgot your Dad was a Blacksmith - he's very good - did you ever do any Blacksmithing? Have you got any more photos of his work or the his workshop?

  2. yes lots of both - pictures - They (Ma & Pa) just finished writing a blacksmithing manual. I took a heap of phots for it.If you're interested I'll whack some up or get Mum to do a blog - that'd be the go I reckon.
    He has made some fantastic swords and axes.
    He has a bunch of students in Toowoomba that he goes to see at least once a year - I think he does the brissy ekka as well.
    I never got into it - he was too scary when I was of a suitable age. Sometimes I wonder... I mean look at his stuff and look what I do. Oh well, you get that.

  3. Maybe you could do a SHOWCASE REVIEW article on ArtSmelter with photos and have a link to your parents blog.


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