Thursday, 17 April 2008

Implexa tracks



  1. Reverb nation looks O.K. It functions pretty well on my machine - do you want to add a sidebar version? I mean are you going use ReverbNation as a host for your music - are you going to increase the amount of music listed? We could put it under the Video bar if it not too wide or on the right sidebar somewhere. I have listed Nina's URL on my blog and on this blog.

  2. I am going to have to get a new keyboard this one always drops letters if I don't press hard enough - the old one was much better but the popular letters were mostly rubbed out.

  3. ant

    this was very satisfying listening while doing some work. felt a bit like blade runner, one of my favourite movies. thank you


  4. Thanks Snork I am also a big fan of Blade Runner, I just love those Vangelis synth sounds.
    I think Reverbnation though a naff name works well and I will put more music on it, they have quite a range of widgets includung a side bar one.
    So yes do it.


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