Friday, 11 April 2008

In the Zone

I have been toying with the idea of a group exhibition with a few old art college friends. John Drake an Artist who prints and paints has suggested portraits. As yet this nebulas idea needs development, so I been trying to meet the challenge of building this to a larger concept.

I have been reading a book called 'interzone' which is about media arts in Australia. Three key words and concepts used in the book are interaction, interface and immersion. Justine Cooper has some interesting work in the book that looks at the self and portraiture.

The challenge for me is to look at an overview of time from the sixties to now exploring the changing face of technology and how that relates to the common man. How is this translated into portraiture? How can I communicate and describe the changing face of the human face as it travels deeper through time by interaction, interface and immersion. The shift from analogue systems to digital and how this affects our way of thinking - also how it affects the way we look and how we look at ourselves.

The artworks represented in the show could be from a variety of media - video, painting, drawing, installation, sculpture and words. Traditional techniques could be used and also put on trial to establish worth and validity. Hopefully new techniques would also emerge, ones that represent the concept of the show.


  1. These are interesting photos, it looks as if your a little person inside the computer trying to look out to see who's looking at the screen. Though I must say that it concerns me that you maybe becoming a male Cindy Sherman.

  2. New art by Sidny Cherman - 'Life on the little screen'.

  3. Hi, first I thought has he taken a photo through the shower screen, then thought no he scanned his head. You should be cautious, the rays could cause you a permanent injury. It looks painful. Have a look at


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