Monday, 14 April 2008


This is the second (hence the 2) Drome, the previous was Dec 4th last year, it is a combining of Electronic surround and Acoustic instrument improvisations; spacial and atmospheric.
The orgainsers of the venue have been keen for me to get a flyer out and promote the event, but I am in two minds about active promotion. I think I prefer the grass roots word of mouth type promotion, where an event gets a reputation as something worth going to and builds up over time. You can do a lot of active promoting with not a lot of result.


  1. We'll at least you advertised it here - just got to get a few more people checkin' it out. It would great if you get could some footage of some of these events - sound, video, photos a written report - then let them know about ArtSmelters review. I wouldn't mind seeing some reviews on this blog.

  2. well that's right Sid, the problem being I can't do everything myself and do a good job of them all. though with this event I am going to attempt to record six channels to the hard drive of my computer. The idea is to mix down a surround version onto DVD without the pictures.

  3. Sounds good - how about Nina taking a few photos of the event and then slide show those pictures in with the audio - maybe just a small sampling - only a few minutes long. The illustration on the flyer looks like a horizontally opposed engine - very similar to a VW engine.

  4. I don't know I'll ask Nina if she wants to, slide shows don't do much for me. In some ways I think images distract from the audio, people seem to have a built in visual bias. The hard part about all this is getting people on board and committed. I've put up the final version which is just going out today, but you'll see at the bottom 'plus guests' That's 4 or so people who want to but can't commit. It's kind of stressful not knowing who'll turn up, but I think it's coming together now. At least it will be OK.

    The engine is a Citroen GS engine, a great little engine.


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