Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Back in the bad old days....

Well, I have really done it this time - I am selling my old computer system - my original computer first bought in 1988. It's all advertised on Ebay as a massive bundle - there is so much stuff it fills my entire table tennis table.

And it still all works - can't kill it - it's worse than the 1971 Super Bug I used to own - indestructible. The way they use to fix these computers was by dropping them from a height to reseat the chips.

Back in the bad old days, the Seven Hills Art College mob were starting to get into computers around 1986 to 1989. At that stage PC's were just a boring DOS BOX, Macs were better but lacked a bit in the colour and sound department - and were frightfully expensive. The real go were sexy Amigas and Ataris - better graphics, great versatility and great sound all generally for about $800.

Roj had an Amiga back then and I remember he was quite adept at those machines. I was an Atari man, searching the horizon for more power and knowledge, stretching the limits of the new frontier. I am not sure what Snork. had at that stage. Early in 1989 Roj and I swapped a few lines of Basic code trying to improve our programming skills - we wrote a version of mastermind in about 100 lines of code.

What was really amazing for artists during that time was the potential of this new medium - we couldn't get enough power, have enough time (divorce would have ensued), develop quick enough or have enough money to fully realise what we were doing.

Over the years I dabbled with and learnt all manner of software. I even did some early animation back in the early 90's and dumped it to video with music - I still have it on video and will post it some time.

I am sure we all have own technology stories - we have come a long way in twenty years.

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