Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Artists blogger conference New York 2008

I have posted some videos of an Artist Bloggers conference on my ArtProofer blog. They are filmed by James Kalm from Brooklyn, USA.

The art world seems to be going under a radical transformation, due to the explosion of online media and networking. The question is - Is it worthwhile to have an Internet presence as an artist? If the answer is yes, then what form should our presence have?

Do really successful artists (established and financial artists) bother about an online presence or is it just the wannabes and tryhards who are pursuing this medium in a desperate bid for exposure and potential success?

As an emerging, emerging, emerging artist I find it difficult to know - I am looking at these things from the bottom up and not from the elevated heights of fame and fortune. But this begs the question of what do you want to achieve by producing art. Is art a career or is it just part of your life? The previous posted quote by Einstein suggests it is something more than either of those things. Suggesting that it is almost a compulsion and life quest, part of the deeper aspect of of our lives and motivations.

If you can make a living from these passions then you are doing well indeed - but the motivations of some in the art world at times seem to be tainted too much by dollars.
Centered Self Exploding 120x90cm


  1. I think I've been here before...
    It appears to me that there are too many want to be artists and not enough art consumers, which means in the world of supply and demand many of us artists are bound to have little in the way of audience or money for our art. Therefore the artist must have another reason for the work to be made, just in case fame and fortune do not come, a kind of emotional backup.

  2. If I had ever been motivated by fame or fortune then I would have given up years ago. I think art could be becoming the new black. People in a technology shift seem to be engulfed in eddies of black hole, vacuums. I think this leads people to search out zones where they can release a bit of self expression - this maybe why social networking is so huge on the net. Art is becoming one of these zones, as people become immersed and educated in the media.
    This makes an interesting subject for artists to explore. I don't believe in this revolution in a liberating way, but I am interested in the phenomena in a sociological way.

  3. What do you mean
    'art could be becoming the new black'?
    I sometimes wonder if the internet is real thing or just a part of my brain and all the people,images,sounds and words are my imagination. If I turned the computer off would it still exist?


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