Monday, 10 March 2008

Undue Noise March 2008

I'm a regular in the band Planet Caravan which is a floating group of experimental improvisational musicians. The core of the group is drums Guitar sax synth trumpet.


  1. This is not the final version of the flier some changes have been made and the time and date are not on it.

  2. I like the image on the flier - I would like to do a painting in this long format and using this sort image construction. Paintings mixing photographic techniques, printing and paint. There has been an show at Caloundra of street art techniques - a lot of the work was presented on canvas, hardboard and perspex. The stencil and spray work was very good and I wondered how they actually achieved the results - makes me feel old and way out of date. But I still very challenged by what I saw.

  3. The images are by Paul Fletcher one of the Undue noise team he put this poster together in the style of our great leader Jacques Soddell, who is O.S. We have been given the reins while he is away. I will replace this poster with the final version.

  4. hi ant lion ?

    have you posted any tracks from this day. it would be interseting to hear something.

    from snorkel


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