Sunday, 16 March 2008

st.partick and the snakes

a visual alloragory of the legend of st.patrick who drove all the snakes from ireland.


  1. Mark is this 2D work a series you are working on - did you draw the figures and snakes? The content of this work seems to have high political and religious themes.

  2. like the last posting Snork I like the contrast between the natural photo world and the highly synthetic
    graphic spirit type of world. I feel as if you're trying to make some kind of point but I'm not getting it, but I am getting something which is original.

    David what are High political themes as opposed to some other level of theme? I maybe I'm just a bit dumb today; it's been a really hot week here.

  3. Antlion, I suppose I mean commentary with political and religious themes and ramifications but not low as in siding with any particular party.
    Sometimes I think issues can rise above simple party or religious systems, where a bipartisan action is the only way - like when someone breaks into your house or a hostile enemy has invaded your country - sometimes there is no time or sense in dividing into sides as the issue is higher than that.

  4. thanks for the comments dave and ant

    this is part of a series exploring visual and cultural themes ideas from ireland and australia. i have posted a few others on my blog site.

    i took the photo in ireland last year at st.pats monastery, changed the colour in a paint program and drew the other elements in corel draw.

    this one is not really political or religious but some others are.

    cheers snork


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