Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Much time spent.......

This is a drawing I spent too much time on - I tried to revisit an earlier series of works and came up with this. Parts of the contrasty patterning work but overall the work has become too tight and overworked. The work has become contrived and unfortunately dead from too much time spent on following procedure.

What is the spark that makes one art piece alive and fresh and the other dead and overwrought?


  1. Sometimes the drawings you work the hardest and longest on are the worst in your own eyes, not necessarily others. I view these works as learning pieces and value them for that. Often the thing to do is to keep working them until they are obliterated. Then rip them up or bury them in the pile for future reference.
    Seems like a waste of time and effort though and frustrating because you can't make them work. On the other hand if it gets so facile that you get it right all the time, how boring would that be!

    What's the funny little thing in the middle?

  2. Being committed to finishing an artwork that I have started does create quite a few waste land works. I don't tear them up but generally store them away - sometimes at a later point in a different context you begin to like them again. But there seems at times an uncontrollable and intangible aspect to making art. I don't think we ever have full control but it could be argued conversely that when we have no forced control that, that is when we do our best work.
    Maybe we start art works with the wrong motives or wrong emotional state - but I think your probably right - it's all about the work process. As Nick Cave said in a recent interview - "Inspiration is for those who are lazy" He treats his song writing like a nine to five job and receives the fruits from his efforts.
    The symbol is a form of a Triqueta - in this case a symbol representing the Trinity - the nature of God in three persons. In some ways the symbol acts a philosophical intrusion opening a discussion or making a statement. But in some ways the symbol is redundant because nature itself speaks of the handiwork and presence of God. I rarely use symbols and probably won't in the future due to their limiting and confining nature. This is in some way why The Israelites were instructed not to make any graven image - especially of God.


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