Monday, 31 March 2008

Blogger video seems to work a bit better....

This is a video sample of a weird little program called 'Crazy Talk'. You can load any type of face image and then add voice - computer or sampled - and it will animate the face to match the voice. PC Authority has the Full Version on their cover disk at the moment - April 2008.
With a bit of fiddling - one could have some arty fun with this program.

Blogger video has been altered a bit and seems to be a bit more efficient - the above video plays alright but it's only a short video - before the revamp it wouldn't work at all. I use XVID compression in an .AVI container set at 320x240 30 fps - this has given me the smallest file size and best speed - 320x240x30fps is the google recommendation. I have found XVID better than DIVX.

If you want to load wide screen then import your wide screen footage into a PAL 320x240 movie and leave the letter box look - this stops any of the video editors or up loaders reformatting the video.

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