Monday, 31 March 2008

Blogger video seems to work a bit better....

This is a video sample of a weird little program called 'Crazy Talk'. You can load any type of face image and then add voice - computer or sampled - and it will animate the face to match the voice. PC Authority has the Full Version on their cover disk at the moment - April 2008.
With a bit of fiddling - one could have some arty fun with this program.

Blogger video has been altered a bit and seems to be a bit more efficient - the above video plays alright but it's only a short video - before the revamp it wouldn't work at all. I use XVID compression in an .AVI container set at 320x240 30 fps - this has given me the smallest file size and best speed - 320x240x30fps is the google recommendation. I have found XVID better than DIVX.

If you want to load wide screen then import your wide screen footage into a PAL 320x240 movie and leave the letter box look - this stops any of the video editors or up loaders reformatting the video.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Friday, 28 March 2008

Resource site and twins

For a few months now, I have been casually creating a Artist Blog resource site. If you are new to blogging or interested check out the ArtProofer site.

Here are two paintings from a short lived (but not dead) series based on twins - dichotomies, duality, relationship, contrasts, and symbiotic relationships. The original drawing for these two paintings had a free form verse/text attached.

Twins One (Release the man)

Twins Two (Realise the Man)

The text for the above two paintings is:

Break the stick; break the neck of my transgression.
Set the soul on fire, set the sun on my desire.
Wheels within wheels within wheels within wheels,
the double sun of my darkness.
All alone - alone aflame - wet the water of my drenching.
Release the man, release the soul that counts my blessings.
Hang my head in shame, raise my arms in praise.
Torn asunder like my master.
Break the stick, release the man.

All of the dual paintings from the series had a tripartite element - as an explanatory/commentary/connecting text.

The text of another of the diptych (Triptych) works was formed in a special way. One evening we had a few friends over and I set the paintings up in the lounge room. At that stage there was no text written to complement the work. I handed everyone a pen and a few sheets of paper and asked them to create the text for the work. After much swapping of panels from left to right and back again we settled on an order of display. We then wrote many short poems and had many laughs. I never used any of the final poems but afterwards when I was alone, spontaneously and surprisingly quickly, came up with the final text.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


I saw one of Ron Muek's sculptures in the Queensland Art Gallery a few years ago. The technique and quality are extraordinary - quite daunting really. But besides the skill exhibited the presence emanating from the sculptures is amazing and almost spooky - I read in Art in Australia Mag. that he always puts the eyes in last. Sort of makes you want to stop making art and go back to plumbing.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

st.partick and the snakes

a visual alloragory of the legend of st.patrick who drove all the snakes from ireland.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Undue Noise March 2008

I'm a regular in the band Planet Caravan which is a floating group of experimental improvisational musicians. The core of the group is drums Guitar sax synth trumpet.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Much time spent.......

This is a drawing I spent too much time on - I tried to revisit an earlier series of works and came up with this. Parts of the contrasty patterning work but overall the work has become too tight and overworked. The work has become contrived and unfortunately dead from too much time spent on following procedure.

What is the spark that makes one art piece alive and fresh and the other dead and overwrought?
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