Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Pixelated House Run

Every room of the house visited in one minute and a half, set to music then pixelated accidentally by YouTube upload.


  1. Mmmm .... pixelisation from Youtube.

    Good to see you are experimenting again.

    You need to to update the pictures on the banner.
    Simon just asked if it was my role in life to give other people things to do ...perhaps it is.

  2. Yes, the original is shot in 16:9 format and was quite sharp and clean on my system - I am using the latest version of XVID which really put the shrink on it. I think YouTube overestimated the compression and XVID left nothing for it to play with.
    I am planning to update the banner and replace the ugly subtitle banner pictures.
    If everyone can email some art they want in the banner then I will have something to go by - or I could give you guys the banner dimensions and we could come up with a few different ones and choose the one we like the most. Let me know.


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