Tuesday, 19 February 2008

free spirits


  1. This is interesting Mark - the cemetery is really beautiful in an ancient way - the tombstones are like ancient pillars and markers - symbolising some important event from the past. The slab in the foreground - do you know what it is? Where is this cemetery?
    The figures are a curious extension - I quite like the potential for further work down this vein. I get a real sense that you trying to tie different times and thoughts together - making a statement about what you believe or forging ahead to establish a new myth about the past - like you once said, "white man dreaming".

  2. Are you saying 'sorry' snorkel? if so this is an eloquent image.

    On the other hand, I'm not sure about what can be seen as appropriation of culturally iconic symbols particular to aboriginality, or maybe you have the right to use them, I don't know?

    This is something I hesitate over...

  3. david this cemerary is in ireland, land of my ancestors. your pretty close with the interpratation. however there is other stuff about irish aborigional relationships and white man relationships. this ideas explore the theme of common ancestors, in families, peoples amd times. the human race.
    elisabeth, this is not really a politically motivated story, although politics is very much a part of race relations, ie.the english vs the irish the settler verse the swag man white vs black etc. i am aware of these implications but am not concerned about apprapriation. cheers snork

  4. Why are you not concerned with appropriation Snorkel, do you feel that all belongs to everyone to use as they wish or what?

  5. dear antlion

    i don't want to get too political here but i do recognise that some peoples have a right to protect their culture and beliefs from people such as me. i do not wish to invade their space so to speak. however as we know people have been using and reinterprating each others art from the the stone age to the present. a good example being a series of paintings by an aborigional artist who exhibits in the gallery across the road in eumundi. she paints very realistic images of aboriginal people with colourd backgrounds, with a christian theme which look very much like Gustave Klimpt. Three cultures in one. so for me i rspect other peoples culture while reinerpretng it for my own ideas.
    ps. the photo of the tree is facinating, especially as it looks a bit like david's painting of mt. beewah above it. cheers snorkel


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