Monday, 11 February 2008

A few more photos

I ran a workshop on art blogging on Saturday. It was well attended by about 20 people and I received a good response. It ran for about 2 hours, which is hardly enough time. I did a powerpoint talk as an outline then went on online and set up a demonstration blog. As an extra service and an exercise for myself, I have set up a beginners art blogging site. If any of you more experienced art bloggers want to be co-contributors then let me know in the comments. The site is called ArtProofer and can be found here. Here's a few more photos from my 'as' art show.


  1. Looks good David how long does it run? Are the paintings for sale? and what happens after this?

  2. It runs until the 23rd of February. The paintings are for sale and the prices are listed with the artworks.
    The next things are to do more artwork, enter some competitions, source some commercial gallery representation, organise a group show and maybe a few more regional gallery shows.
    Besides all that, I got to get a part time job and finish renovating the house - which I have begun again this week.


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