Tuesday, 12 February 2008

As show video

This is the video that was shown on opeing night of the 'as' exhibition. Thanks must go to Simon Howard (Antlion) for suppyling most of the music. As John Drake said to me, after the opening, "it's sort of a pastiche" - this is true and in someway reflects the notion and thrust of the 'as' art show. The art represented in the 'as' show was diverse and represented different times over a period of 27 years. The art can be seen, with it's didactic wall sheets, as an online exhibition here.

The video really represents the end result of the process of putting together an art show and exploring the medium of video. There was actually three versions of this video - this was the last version which was started and finished on the morning of the opening night. The first version will be aired on this blog as I find time - it is a bit more radical.


  1. Thanks for the music credit I feel honoured to have had my music used in this way.

  2. Well your music really comes to it's own when used in this way. It's really quite amazing, you have built up quite a body of work - much potential there. For me the music was a ready made I just needed to match the music with the video.

  3. I don't know if you get the same David but when I load artsmelter blog, I get the Johnny depp show here and not the David howard show.

  4. Yes, I get the same problem it's been doing it for a few days - swapping between Johnny Depp and deppy dave, even in a space of 20 minutes.
    There seems to be some fracture in the matrix - my alternative self keeps popping his head from a parallel universe - I hope my other split self (Johnny Rotten) doesn't hit the Smelter. I think I will put on my John Malkovich mask and go underground for a while before I attempt to mend it.


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