Sunday, 2 December 2007

A new member and the protocols of mass Art destruction

We have a new member at ArtSmelter, who is using the name 'snorkel' - almost as mysterious as 'antlion'. Snorkel is an artist who I have known since Art college days, he is primarily a sculpture and is married to a painter. His new blog - Snorkel can be found here. Hopefully snorkel will come up for air so we can get a good look at him.
If I remember it rightly, Roj had an artshow with snorkel (can I use your real name?) in the eighties. Can you post a few pics. from this show if you have any? I have an old promotional flyer from that show still tucked away - can I post it?

Here's a crummy little nude drawing from a rapid fire, life drawing session. I decided to drip a few runs of paint down the front to alter the context a wee bit. She's a clunky, chuncky, chick with things on her mind. Please feel free to attack or comment - she has shoulders big enough to cope with anything.

One thing I like doing in art sometimes, is a random attack on a drawing that I don't particularly like. Occasionally the attack produces results, which I try to tailor for my advantage. This is one gross looking nude (the original model looked nothing like this). Years ago, just after Art college I destroyed a pile of artworks that I thought were a waste of paper. I still wonder what I threw out. Maybe there was some idea or image I could use today. In any case it would just be interesting to have a look at what I tossed, because I can't remember any of them. Since that time I don't destroy my artwork, but generally work and re-work it until I feel it's finished.

Although, there is one painting that I am going to paint out one day - but I will never post it on this site.

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