Saturday, 1 December 2007

Make it up club

This coming Tuesday I will be performing at 'The make it up club" in Melbourne along with some of my 'Undue noise' friends from Bendigo. I will be playing Guqin, Trumpet and computer in an improvised solo set. If you can make it I'll see you there, if not, next time.
I've had little success at finding a replacement for mixpo video they all seem to have their problems. I'm not sure what I should do, any suggestions.


  1. Well,I hope you have a good time on Tuesday night. It sounds similar to Maleny's upfront club. I am supposed to play there with my friends John and Katy, but finding it hard to slot it all in - I need days of practice and time to remember lyrics. I wish I was there but alas the distance is too great - I quite enjoy live improvised music.
    As for video hosting, my thinking is that you should just use Youtube: it's fast, it links in with google and gmail, it gives you a channel of all your videos, you can customise the interface a bit, there are many artists using the medium and it's free. As for the problem of 'Youtube' plastered on the screen: I see it as a small token payment for the effort they have put in to create such flexible and functional software and let us use it for free.
    Listening to Steve Earle on CD at the moment. For a country artist he isn't too bad: there is a certain grittiness to his lyrics and left of centre sound to his music.
    I think Snorkel are our new members Mark and Jeannie. They haven't posted yet so I am waiting to see, just in case it's John and Katy.
    Mark's a sculpture and Jeannie's a painter.

  2. Esnips might worth looking at also. I have seen a lot of sites using esnips and it seems to work ok.


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