Thursday, 13 December 2007

Choosing and framing

For the last week or so, I have been selecting artworks for my show. If they fit the available frames they are then framed up. John, pictured on snork's post below (who is an exceptional draughtsman, cool headed printer and also an accomplished framer) originally framed a lot of my drawings for my previous exhibition. This time I am trying to save money by re-using the frames. So far it is working out well: except the frame size has dictated the choice of works to a degree. I should have about 30 artworks to hang when this process of selection and framing is complete.

This is my studio as of yesterday afternoon: some of the works on display have been freshly framed and others are due to be dismantled.

I have had piles of drawings, new and old, being sorted left, right and center. Since college days, I have basically been using three paper sizes: normally I buy 50 sheets at a time - in what I thought were all the same size. Most of my drawings are basically around the same size, but the newer stuff can be a few centimeters larger in both directions.

Of course, this has created a few minor problems: if everything was exactly the same size then swapping pictures and frames would be a lot easier. On framing some of the works, I had to go from landscape to portrait or vise verse: which involved cutting the mat board to some degree as the borders were uneven. Fortunately, the local framer didn't charge me a cent for this service.

Currently, I have paintings and drawings stacked up everywhere. I have another room (other than my studio) dedicated to storing and framing - also I have a storage rack in a spare room under the house.

All in all, I think the show should turn out satisfactorily. I was hoping to have a greater representation of the most current work - especially in the drawing department. There will be more new stuff in the larger paintings and a smaller amount of new stuff in the drawings - all due to framing cost constraints. About 10 of the works have been exhibited before - the rest (about 20) are all due to have a public viewing anyway. There is nothing like seeing your own artworks, that have been cooped up indoors, then hung up on crisp, large white walls - everyone assumes due to the context, that they are looking at Art - even the artist.


  1. Looking smick David. I'm seems you've outgrown your present digs

  2. Yes, Loretta I am constantly moving things around trying to find space. A few days ago I had to pack it all away again as my son had his 21st birthday at our house and his dad came down from the Northern Territory and slept in the studio. Also, my son and his wife have most of there furniture and belongings stored under my house until there house it built at Mooloolah - I have a passage carved out that I pass through to do my work - I am forever loosing my tools especially my tape measure.


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