Friday, 21 December 2007

Is it the subject or the angle

See how easy that was all you have to do is ask, I kind of liked that perspective of myself but we artists must be open to the publics opinions, so I withdraw to return another day; another year of possibilities.


  1. Is this shock art or someone having a mental breakdown?

  2. Where's the shock it's just a photo of me, I'm just trying to get things moving. By the way were you also shocked by my other postings and removed them? I was going to remove them myself today, they were what I would call temporary postings. If you want me not to pursue this conceptual path please say so.
    I guess we can't be too open when it comes to family relationships. There's too much to loose and too much to gain.
    As far as mental breakdowns go I think they come on people kind of sudden, I feel OK how do I seem to you?

  3. I really find this picture annoying!!!!
    Please hurry and get back to your inyeresting painting stuff

  4. Yes, I agree artything it is somewhat annoying. More art will be posted in due course. Thanks for your comment about our painting stuff being interesting.

  5. Isn't it intresting how we can react to some things that are common to us all. What a pleasure to be able to look into the mirror each day and see the fine detail in our faces. Woe to the day when we are unable to make fun of our selves. More art pieces please. As a user of digital photography I am often amazed at the complexity invloved in what initially appears to be a simple image.


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