Thursday, 20 December 2007

Artists and technology

As we move through time we encounter changes and ever increasing complexity. The desire at most times is to simplify and find a easy solution to our problems by either ignoring change or sabotaging it. But at other times we have to take a leap and learn new things and work it through.

Living a simple life has much value, but at times can cause us to become ill informed and out of date. But being presumptuous about change can cause us to jump too far ahead and exposes us to possible, uncertain dangers.

The world of change is like a revolving door attached to Pandora's box. Many new wonders and terrors come hurtling out at ever increasing speed. Once these new things come out to play no one can ever forget them or put them away. E.g. - The Atomic Bomb, The Internet, Books, Television, Aids, Monica Lewinsky etc. So everyone is forced to deal with these changes in some way.

When I was at Art College between 1980 and 1983, technologically the world was a different place. The video and photo labs were primitive compared to what we have now. We developed film in dark rooms with sweaty hands and smelly chemicals. We never could see a preview of what we had just filmed or photographed. The printing rooms were based on technology over a hundred years old - etching, screen printing, rolling flat bed presses, etc. College staff would print information and assignments on typewriters and Roneo machines.

Today, I can (right now, if you happen to be looking) post text and a picture that can be seen all over the world in a matter of seconds. And if you wish, you can leave a comment. Yet, I still plug away at 2D images similar to those that people in caves were painting eons ago.

What does all this mean? - I'm not quite sure, but I know I have the freedom to pick and choose wisely (if I can) the tools of my trade.

So here is an old image from about 1981, from a small series of student works entitled 'Houses at Home'. Imagine looking down on suburban houses from a helicopter, viewing the grid like streets and rooftops. The houses in this case are represented by the pages of an old Bank Book - another redundant item from the past.

Houses at Home

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  1. i like the stuff about chage caves and time, tooks etc. it a bit frightening whats happening today.

    thousands of species dissappearing humans taking over the planet. what is art for, what can it say

    a cave painting seemdedm to make sense of the world for its author.

    today confusion and igorance regins as we destroy the world.

    art is for me a way of making sense of what i see and creating some meaning in a choatic world.

    cheers snorkel


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