Wednesday, 7 November 2007

hello smelters

hello smelters - I haven't been here for a while - got to get and have another look at that beckman stuff - he used to be one of my top ten - probably still is...

I've been way busy the last few weeks and not much of it has happened in the studio. Sailing started a few weeks ago and I'm suddenly dead keen; I've got a good crew who are eager to train and sail fast yay! And only a couple of months ago I was ready to sell the boat and give up sailing - I spoke to a sail-maker yesterday, he's a big sharpie fan - he asked if I'd sold it and I said no. He said "Never sell your boat, never sell your boat, put it in the shed but don't sell it."
He's right I reckon; it's such a fantastic privilege to be able to get out on the water.

Fly Sharpie!

Other than that, the bike mob I ride with got a 37.5 kph average on the tuesday morning ride - thats a 54 minute lap, PB'd - I know it aint art... I wonder if we can crack 40...
and I PB'd a 10k fun run on sunday - I wonder what that says about how I spent my time in my 20's; getting pbs at 52... haha!

I'm doing lots of intense design stuff at work, we're well into designing the 2008-09 range - lots of colour and geometric stuff which interestingly relates to my neglected painting. Had some good feed back on that painting though and I reckon I'll give it a nudge this weekend.

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  1. Good to have you back Roj. It's very inspiring to here about your PB's. I agree don't ever sell your sharpie; there is no problem having diverse interests. Art, boating, cycling, running are all feeding into each other producing a life called Roj.

    P.S. How did you spend your time in your 20's


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