Sunday, 25 November 2007

Recurring images

Just did a bit of a hunt through my artworks looking for images that I have used more than a few times. An old recurring image from years ago was a red man standing, seen only from the waist up, facing directly out to the viewer: he was more of a stylised silhouette without a face. The red man has emerged in different forms in many paintings. He has transformed into someone standing in a doorway either silhouetted or fully filled out and described. Also as anonymous people, peeping through windows or crouching in the bush. But one version of the red man has evolved into the camera man.
These close up clips of camera man are from different paintings that were produced over a period of about ten years. The other catalyst for the camera man, besides the red man were two high school photos I took of myself.

One was shot facing the bathroom mirror at home ........

and the other in a shop window that had a display of mirrors.......

The two images below are duplications of the bathroom mirror photo.

This next camera man image was copied from a photo of myself taking a shot through the front window of a car. The window frame of the car's side window has also been incorporated into the painting.

This last camera man is pure invention, but in this case his camera is a real photo of a camera collaged into the drawing.

As I have gone back over my artworks, trying to understand what they mean or just categorising them to set them in some sort of order, I have begun to see patterns, connections and vague themes. To me this is sort of a fun idea, sort of like a puzzle or maze that is building up over a long period of time. As for the meaning of the camera man recurring image, I am not quite sure. But, possibly part of it is about being an artist looking out into the world and looking back out to the viewer. Partly as voyeur and partly as a revolving door - sort of a conduit for the viewer to look into the painting and back out, viewing themselves. This idea reminds me of the film, "Being John Malkovich". There is something disconcerting about staring down the lens of a camera, it's like your looking into your own soul and being scared that other people will see your faults.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Old Art school friends and bookshops.

Red head Nude

Just another quickly drawn nude, slowly being immersed into a new context. This drawing/painting is still under construction. The dark green and black oblong shape on her left is a print from a cheap stencil I bought at a Chinese import shop. The light green swirly bits and curved floor and ceiling lines were slapped down using up excess paint from another painting. The general idea of that shallow space is to surround and frame the nude. Hopefully, this will make her pose a special event, instead of just a pose. This space framing technique is reminiscent of many of Francis Bacon's figure paintings. For example:

Figure in Movement 1976 Francis Bacon

Went to Dekart coffee shop at Eumundi on Thursday. An old Art college friend recently bought the shop and has been busy making coffee and restoring the business. He is also a sculpture and his wife is an artist as well and paints. Hopefully they may contribute a few postings on ArtSmelter if I can get them interested.
While at Eumundi I found a great bookshop (which is quite unusual for the Sunshine Coast) and bought three Art books. One on David Hockney $10, another about Celtic designs and symbols and how to incorporate them into artwork $12, and a book titled, 'One hundred views of Mt. Fuji', which has old and new Japanese artworks of Mt. Fuji $19.00. They were all second hand but were in excellent condition. Berkelouw books can be found in the main street of Eumundi - they even offered to hang a few artworks, and gave me their card.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

hello smelters

hello smelters - I haven't been here for a while - got to get and have another look at that beckman stuff - he used to be one of my top ten - probably still is...

I've been way busy the last few weeks and not much of it has happened in the studio. Sailing started a few weeks ago and I'm suddenly dead keen; I've got a good crew who are eager to train and sail fast yay! And only a couple of months ago I was ready to sell the boat and give up sailing - I spoke to a sail-maker yesterday, he's a big sharpie fan - he asked if I'd sold it and I said no. He said "Never sell your boat, never sell your boat, put it in the shed but don't sell it."
He's right I reckon; it's such a fantastic privilege to be able to get out on the water.

Fly Sharpie!

Other than that, the bike mob I ride with got a 37.5 kph average on the tuesday morning ride - thats a 54 minute lap, PB'd - I know it aint art... I wonder if we can crack 40...
and I PB'd a 10k fun run on sunday - I wonder what that says about how I spent my time in my 20's; getting pbs at 52... haha!

I'm doing lots of intense design stuff at work, we're well into designing the 2008-09 range - lots of colour and geometric stuff which interestingly relates to my neglected painting. Had some good feed back on that painting though and I reckon I'll give it a nudge this weekend.

Mixpo pulled the plug

All my AV work on this site has stalled due to Mixpo's canceled service.

Friday, 2 November 2007


I have just added a link to Joanna and Ted DeMaine's web pages on ArtSmelter under OTHER PLACES. Johanna is a potter who has had years of experience and success. Ted is a musician and songwriter who has just recorded a CD. Their web pages have plenty more information about their lives and examples of their work. Johanna's site can be found here, and Ted's site can be found here.

"and the Stars Danced like a Chain of Pearls on the Water below"

Johanna's pot has great form with beautiful colours and designs.
The Gustave Klimt influence is quite apparent in this work.

And one of Ted's songs; which has a lively beat and meaningful lyrics.
'Global Warming', from the CD, 'The Shark and the Crow'.

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