Thursday, 25 October 2007

A well written post

The Artlife has some well written and informed posts by a few movers and shakers in the Australian contemporary arts world. Marcus Westbury who made the Art doco 'Not quite Art', which has been showing on the ABC, for the last two Tuesday nights at 10 pm, posted a reminder of his doco's airing. At last checking, there have been 109 comments, which is quite a reaction.

Ian Houston, has posted a well written article on Neo Rauch, which is worth reading. If you like Beckman, the German Expressionists or R.B Kitaj you may like his paintings. Below is a sample of his work.

Neo Rauch's Mazernacht.

On a different note, I have started a new blog just for my January Art show titled 'as'. The 'as', blog is primarily a way of writing about each work that will be in the 'as', show. I have a used a simple blog design, to facilitate printing. It will take a few to months to have it all properly organized, but the beginnings can be found here.

Below is a quick sketch from Art College days. I would rush into Life classes, sit on the floor, whack some paint on a few sheets of paper, draw a few outlines then stop. The lecturers would say, "is that all you wanna do". I would then explain, "thats all I want at the moment, and I like what I have done", and then promptly grab my stuff and leave. In hindsight, if I had stayed a little bit longer, I might be a better figure drawer today.

Blonde Nude


  1. Need I say--I'm a great fan of Neo Rauch's work?

  2. Need I say--I'm a great fan of Neo Rauch's work?

  3. Yes, I suppose I could have guessed. I could have guessed twice - need I say - wink! wink!


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