Monday, 1 October 2007


What is it? detail required

I just wanted to point out that if you know what it is you will know you're right, but if you are not sure, you are wrong. So I won't need to provide an answer. Good luck if you care!


  1. This looks like a Star Wars scene to me from the early movies.

  2. n n, they were burnt on the wall.

  3. its obviously a couple of racing catamarans of the powerboat variety that have sunk in the primordal ooze of Morton Bay and are here revealed by digitally enhanced polar orbiting geosequestering satalite polaroid cameras where you pull the film out and peel the backing off after a few,no,no I know what it is its those harmoniums that live in the caves on mercury live off vibrations in the rock - or pairs of resonating tuning forks taken on a time lapse doodad with smudgy bits around them to add mood
    ...dunno actually

  4. N's in Black Pea Alphabet Soup?

  5. It's light reflections on your wall at home. Or the ectoplasm footprints of anonymoose. Or you living in a mini cathedral, and these are arched windows reflecting on ancient parched walls. Or you blew a mouth full of black pigment over your hoofed hands to leave your mark in your cave.


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