Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Grannies 3

Well this is the final in this series, when I say final I mean posting, there are about ten others not as good of course.


  1. cheap trick putting a comment on your own posting?

  2. These videos would look good in series,set up along a passageway that had various turns and cul-de-sacs each with a large 1200x1200mm size projection. One issue I have is the mocking feel to the work. It's probably not intentional, and maybe just me, but if I was to replace the dancing men or jabbering jaws with images of John Howard or Kevin Rudd, then immediately one would take it as mocking them. The xenophobic Pauline Hanson might view the your video in a different way.
    I had few problems at Art College in this way. Other artists especially feminists at the time use to read my work in all different ways. At one point I had to remove or change certain parts of the paintings due to un-intentional second meanings.

  3. I agree about the installation and Grannies2 has already been installed in a gallery in Darwin for three weeks, along with another of my works which could elicit the same sort of negative response in some people.(I should post this also one day)
    You make valid points here and I do seriously think of these issues, it is often a fine line between making a strong point and over stating and risk being misunderstood, I am certainly prone to this.
    In the case of Grannies3 I think the focus is political not racial and if others see it this way I have no problem with it.
    If they don't see it this way I am bothered, I value any comments at this point.
    I would add that these women are some of the nicest people you are likely to meet, they just have this very patriotic and militaristic hobby which I find both fascinating disturbing. I hope my love for their humanity comes through, along with the criticism of the system which is the true target.
    I would make a video of Kev & Johnny but I'm sick of the sight of them.

    vote Greens
    Bob Brown for PM.

  4. You broke my speakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not really, but almost. It sounds funky.


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