Monday, 8 October 2007

get a plan


  1. Roj, these cerebral works I find interesting. This morning I started to think about them - while I was having a shower. The glass on our shower walls gets misty so I draw on the wall every morning. he, he,
    Anyway, sometimes it takes a day or so to think about an artwork, so here we go.
    The organic component of these works is quite minimal, found maybe in the subtle texture only. But I feel we are dealing with more cerebral/human concerns here. When one takes a walk in the bush, normally if it untouched, one does not think much about human influence. But if you come across something simple like a short length of rope tied to a tree, one can see immediately human intrusion. The knot reflects human thought from the past. The process of tying the knot remains as a weak symbol of conscious human effort. The nature around reflects a different type of thought, a more transcendent one.
    These artworks of yours demonstrate a thought process. We know something is going on, but we don't know what that is. Seen together (as in the bottom image) they seem to exhibit another level - a connection between the three, creating a pulse that rhythms through the work from left to right and back again.
    The diagram with measurements only amplifies this concept of human thought. If this was a design on the side of a building, you might not think about it too much. But being put onto a canvas elevates it to an art context. All in all the artworks engage the viewer due to this refined subtle balance of abstraction and emerging but restrained human thought. These works are pleasing to me due to these resonating qualities.

  2. Q:You seem to like to start with order (graphics) and degrade and destroy it.
    A:Are you an anarchist?


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