Friday, 19 October 2007

Be careful of your friends

Neo Block

Be careful of what your friends say they might hear you. Once while showing this drawing an artist friend, remarked, "but look at the landscape". That remark was probably 15 years ago, and that is the only thing I remember about the conversation, or even the visit.

It's funny how things stick in your mind, and have a tendency to prick your thinking in particular contexts. Prick!, it's more like a splinter in the mind - that's probably why you remember them so well. What you say to someone can have an effect on how they work, and even affect the outcome of their creative drive. To be an artist one has to be particularly driven and tough skinned.

In the art work above, the figure was meant to be the subject, but in this case the other artist enjoyed the landscape. That was really fine by me, but strangely whenever I do landscape, his words drift through my mind like a recurring wind from one side of the drawing to the other. Now if he had commented on the figure, I may have forgotten the conversation completely or conversely may have taken it on board, and be producing completely different works.

Either way the artist lives for the viewer to take notice, and good or bad the comments are all worthwhile. It's up to the artist to sift and sort, the grain from the chaff, the sheep from the goats and respond in a timely and gracious way. In this way we climb out of our protective nests and learn to fly - hopefully with a paint brush in each hand.

Neo Block - interestingly the drawing is about a contrast between this new, stylised block of a person and the landscape behind. I suppose it's about the cyber person and how he stands in his original environment. The pride of the internet man and his electronic paradise are just just false messiahs, dancing to the drums of the dust of death. Technology is a great tool, but with each new development, comes new problems. We have barely understood the effects of the video generation, let alone the internet generation. Artists have a great opportunity, to understand this generation, filtering, selecting, commenting, dissecting, processing, criticizing, and even acting as salt. The possibilities are endless, if we don't grow weary, and get lost on the way, due to how we respond to what others may say.

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  1. I really want to say something but I have no words, maybe a few lyrics from one of my favourite song.

    there is no muscle in our tongues
    to tell the world what's in our
    no no no no no we're leaving nothing behind
    just chiseled stones
    no chance to speak before we're bones



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