Friday, 28 September 2007

Yeates Rd


  1. Have you been taking drugs David? Pull yourself together you've only been off work for one day.

  2. Is the meaning of LSD - Light Show David??

  3. So you are officially an artist of lesiure now?
    Sorry if I came across as standoffish at the Upfront club--I'm skittish in a crowd. Most people don't realise that I'm shy.
    The videos are getting more interesting.

  4. Thats fine LM I could see you were busy with your son. I think I have noticed a certain shyness at times - but only in certain circumstances. We had a good time that night. Next time come and sit with us. Everyone was a teacher, except for me, I need the support when they start the teacher talk.
    Later on, after you left, about six of the musicians jammed for almost of an hour. It made me feel even more reluctant to perform. I admire Nicks courage to perform in front of that crowd. It must be four of five years since I performed in front of a group of people, and they weren't half as cultured and musically, adroit as that crowd.

  5. The video above is just messing around with video software one night. The music is two tracks of my guitar, somewhat altered, with a run of the mill drum loop as a third track. The tempo of the music was altered to stretch the tune to the length of the video.


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