Saturday, 8 September 2007

Open Invitation

This is a invitation to any Artists out there who want to join
and contribute to Artsmelter.
Painters, musicians, video artists, performance artists, writers etc. are welcome to submit a sample of what they do. We are hoping to get the number of artists up to about ten initially. Artists with blogging experience would be an advantage but not essential.

Selected Artists can have links, profiles and emails listed on this page as well as full access to posting there art and comments.. We are hoping to develop a dynamic and relevant multi-artist journal, that not only encourages discussion but also has potential for career development and sales.

Interested artists can send an email to David via

Please include samples of what you do and a brief description of your artistic aims. A brief CV would be beneficial but not essential.
Submissions will be assessed and a response forthcoming.



  1. Yoiks- so business like! So scary.

  2. I can't help it, in the last few years I have been running a business of ten, with all the hiring,training and official stuff.


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