Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Jiang Jun Xue Ping Gui Xi Zheng

I was talking to my Chinese translator in Xiangtan last night and now have a better name for the opera heads presented on this blog. Originally I had the title "Xue Ping Gui - Conquer the west" which was taken from the subtitles of the footage. Apparently Xue Ping Gui is a General(Jiang Jun) and the west to be conquered is west China. So this project has now been renamed "Jiang Jun Xue Ping Gui Xi Zheng" meaning "General Xue Ping Gui conquers west China". It's very easy to translate and get a quite different meaning from the original EG "the West" or "west China".


  1. Yes , I thought you were making a political statement about East Vs West. Or the Eastern mindset Vs the Western thinking. Long history many wars has China. Once read a book about basic/fundamental inventions, where it showed how many practical inventions the Chinese have made. These fundamental ideas have been copied, taken, adopted, and changed by many other groups of people over the centuries.

  2. I was making a political statement but not my own that's why I changed the title, I misunderstood the translation in the subtitles they were talking in abbreviations and left out the word China.

    In my discussions with students the subject of America often came up and one thing which both surprised and worried me was that war with America will happen one day, no ifs and or buts, just when. Very fatalistic, but maybe I would be also if I'd spent my whole life there.


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