Sunday, 2 September 2007

Blogger video test

This is a Windows Media File .WMV extension. It took about 2 mins to upload. It's 897k in size.
This is a test in creating small files and using the new blogger video posting icon.
The video is 320x240k in size reduced from 720x576 uncompressed .AVI.
I tried about 8 different file formats - this was the smallest. There has been a loss in sound and video quality, but others were either bigger or had small issues. The settings can be tweaked of course to improve quality. Well lets see how the blogger video compares to Mixpo, Youtube, etc.

Well, I gave the blogger video the flick and used You tube again. The video loaded in under a minute. My assessment is that blogger video is buggy. Mixpo and You tube are much better. Blogger video eventually stopped working whenever I tried to run it, it sort got hung up on buffering mode. I think mixpo is the quickest player but slightly slower on the uploads than Youtube, but Youtube has the most network connections.


  1. Seems pretty good for the size of the file, what program did you compress it on and how flexible is blogger video as far as image size? I should really find out myself I guess.

  2. Good to see you coming back online David. And that that you are talking to us once again! How's the preparation for the show going? Well, I hope.

  3. I never stopped talking to you, I have been very busy at work. One manager quit four weeks ago. So I have been working very hard with very little time to work on the blogs. Also Phoebe has been writing a lot of assignments for her final year at High School. Have only been able to manage one post a week with a few stray comments. From this Monday I will be at work straight through the week and weekend until next Friday. About 12 days straight from 7:45am to 5:30pm. Fortunately I gave the owners 4 weeks notice on Monday, and will be looking forward to 3 - 4 months long service. I have not had more than two weeks off at one time in 18 years. The last time I had four weeks off was in 1989, when Simon and I laid the slab under our house.
    Will most likely get part time work when money gets tight. Will now have time to focus on doing up the house and putting some effort into my art.
    Have just submitted a brief description of my show for promotional purposes. Things will start to rev up for me in the next few weeks as I disentangle myself from the workplace.
    Just got back three squarescapes from the framers and they look great.

  4. Blogger video is not very good. It has stopped working on my computer.

  5. Good try at this video but i believe you are a better painter than film maker, David. I do like the Texture in this painting.

  6. This is not a serious attempt at video making. Just a quick snippet used as experimentation with compression formats. It took 5 minutes to edit. In this form it just documentary and nothing else.


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