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Jiang Jun Xue Ping Gui Xi Zheng

I was talking to my Chinese translator in Xiangtan last night and now have a better name for the opera heads presented on this blog. Originally I had the title "Xue Ping Gui - Conquer the west" which was taken from the subtitles of the footage. Apparently Xue Ping Gui is a General(Jiang Jun) and the west to be conquered is west China. So this project has now been renamed "Jiang Jun Xue Ping Gui Xi Zheng" meaning "General Xue Ping Gui conquers west China". It's very easy to translate and get a quite different meaning from the original EG "the West" or "west China".

Sunday, 16 September 2007

The French Cyclists

Shots in the Temple of the USA

One day a couple stopped in front of my house. They were both on bicycles, which were packed to the hilt with camping gear and food. They spoke English with a French accent and asked for directions to the nearest caravan park. As it was about dark and too far to ride to the closest caravan park, I invited them to camp in my back yard.

That evening we invited them into the house and got to know them. They were husband and wife who were traveling around Australia. They owned a printing business in Paris, and spent most of their leisure time riding in various parts of the world. They were a very fit and attractive couple who were both around sixty years of age.

He noticed my paintings on the wall and asked to see more works. We went down to my studio and I showed him some of my drawings. When we got to the above drawing he remarked how much he liked it. I told him that it was a criticism of the war in Iraq and the media's one sided coverage.

He pulled from his pocket a clipping from the Australian newspaper. It was an article by Phillip Adams covering the same topics. Our French visitor had become a Phillip Adams fan and was collecting his articles as he traveled. This is their website here.

A few months later I was in the Queensland Museum in the insects and animal room after checking out the StarTrek Exhibition. A man in black came to the service counter while I was looking at the bottled snakes. He made a joke to the staff about the cane toads on display. I turned to look at his face, because I recognized the voice. Our eyes met for a minute as I realized it was Phillip Adams, and then I moved on in silence.

The man in the picture above is a journalist, he has stars on his outfit and stands in front of sea of stripes. Behind him are flames and a black void. Above him is a plan view of a Jewish Temple, the smaller black void is the Holy of Holies. The artwork questions the relationship between politics, religion and the media. The photographer points his camera out at the viewer, indicating that through the media we have not escaped being impacted by world events and opinions.

Art is an extraordinary medium that can focus on many different subjects. It is not partial and covers most human experiences. Art is produced by many people from many walks of life. History demonstrates that art is not limited to one particular creed or way of life. No one owns art, or has a monopoly on it's meaning and production, because it's free.

The Third of May 1808: The Execution of the Defenders of Madrid
By Francisco Goya

The depiction of the shooting of innocent citizens by Napoleons troops
after an uprising in Madrid.

The Ghent Altarpiece: Adoration of the Lamb
by Jan van Eyck

Representatives of different people of the world before the Lamb of God.

Sitzender Weiblicher Akt, 1914
by Egon Schiele

A stark and semi-erotic drawing by a master draughtsman.


Saturday, 15 September 2007

Big rock, bigger sky.

Burleigh Rocks One - 1984 - Acrylic and Pencil on paper 41 x 64cm

In the last year of High School (1979) while living on the Gold Coast, I took a series of photos on the old SLR for an art class. Most of the series was based on the beach area around Burleigh Heads.

Up high, over looking the beach, hidden away from view is a collection of massive hexagonal, oblong boulders. I think they are basalt boulders. They are lodged at oblique angles to each other forming nooks, crannies and caves, amongst the various trees and bushes. The texture of the rock is sort of blotchy and crystal like, in various tones of black and white.

The above drawing was done from one of these black and white photos. This viewpoint is from underneath looking towards the sky. This massive rock was wedged into the surrounding rocks like a surfboard sticking out of the sand. If your standing on the rock, looking down, it is like being on a diving board facing the sea, with a direct drop down a steep incline to the rocky beach below.

I drew about half a dozen of these rock drawings in black and white. My main focus at that time was on patterning and stylizing. I attempted a few colour versions and a few largish paintings as well, but for some reason found it hard to translate the texture and composition. Over the years various elements from those drawings have become incorporated into my work.

It's like, one stumbles along having little jabs at different things, collecting bits and pieces, experimenting, winning or losing, but moving forward. Eventually, like a bower bird you build a massive nest. But, still you know there is more, and become obsessed with trying to collect that ultimate blue object, the sky.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

getting close

I think I've nearly finished a painting...

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Open Invitation

This is a invitation to any Artists out there who want to join
and contribute to Artsmelter.
Painters, musicians, video artists, performance artists, writers etc. are welcome to submit a sample of what they do. We are hoping to get the number of artists up to about ten initially. Artists with blogging experience would be an advantage but not essential.

Selected Artists can have links, profiles and emails listed on this page as well as full access to posting there art and comments.. We are hoping to develop a dynamic and relevant multi-artist journal, that not only encourages discussion but also has potential for career development and sales.

Interested artists can send an email to David via

Please include samples of what you do and a brief description of your artistic aims. A brief CV would be beneficial but not essential.
Submissions will be assessed and a response forthcoming.


Sunday, 2 September 2007

Blogger video test

This is a Windows Media File .WMV extension. It took about 2 mins to upload. It's 897k in size.
This is a test in creating small files and using the new blogger video posting icon.
The video is 320x240k in size reduced from 720x576 uncompressed .AVI.
I tried about 8 different file formats - this was the smallest. There has been a loss in sound and video quality, but others were either bigger or had small issues. The settings can be tweaked of course to improve quality. Well lets see how the blogger video compares to Mixpo, Youtube, etc.

Well, I gave the blogger video the flick and used You tube again. The video loaded in under a minute. My assessment is that blogger video is buggy. Mixpo and You tube are much better. Blogger video eventually stopped working whenever I tried to run it, it sort got hung up on buffering mode. I think mixpo is the quickest player but slightly slower on the uploads than Youtube, but Youtube has the most network connections.

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