Sunday, 12 August 2007

week-end of the 11th & 12th of august

Made some serious progess on "the comet. Bit worried about the other one though.


  1. Is this the two sides of Roj? one trying to make order and the chaos.
    Are they finished? they look it to me but then again I've never made a painting in my life, so I feel a little under qualified to comment. I wonder if the talk of Crookneck may have influenced 'the comet'?

  2. neither are finished - I got to be careful from here on in though. Must'nt make any big moves - I think I'll start another to expend my more energetic moments on. I have thought of the possibility of peeling the controlled one off the canvas and making a double fold in it and gluing it back down. That could be a bit cataclysmic though.


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