Wednesday, 8 August 2007


This is a statement on the way city people come to the country thinking that the poor country folk need enlightening. If they would only listen they could be like us with culture, affluence and stress.


  1. I'm pretty deaf, when I am in a cafe or whatever where there are a bunch of people it sounds just like that. I can't separate the voice of the person that is talking to me from the background. I get a profound sense of relief when all the background noise goes away. Listening to this a few times I go alright - stressed - relieved - stressed - relieved stressed/annoyed - relieved - stressed/annoyed/panic - - - thats when I turned it off.

  2. Vicki is my ex boss and when she talks this is what I hear. At the first sentence I don't know what she means and after that I loose track. So I thought I'd document that feeling along with the attitude. I'm not quite sure what she wants to change, but I don't think I would like it. Your response is pretty much that feeling I'm trying to convey.

  3. have a look at this
    arrrrg! shut-up you maniac sheila sheesh she needs a seaty change - preferably Moscow

  4. Strange web site roj not quite sure what they are selling? Like the idea though of an interactive image on a web page.


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