Friday, 10 August 2007


This is the view of one of the Glasshouse Mountains. This is the view I get from the road in front of my house. They call this one Crookneck. One of the ArtSmelters, 'roj', has a story about climbing this mountain, and hopefully he will comment and fill us in.

Below is a shot I took during the fire season . This is the same mountain from a different angle, but almost totally enveloped in smoke. It's amazing how the smoke grips the mountain. Sometimes the clouds do the same thing and just sort of embrace the mountains , as if they are not going to let go.

This is a pencil and paint drawing I did a few years back of Crookneck. Acrylic paint was used in a limited palette then drawn into with 9B pencil. The pencil was dissolved with turps and rubbed back into the paint. This altered and unified the colour scheme. Finally 9B and white pencil were drawn back over the paint to redefine an excite the image.

The second drawing explores the idea of life, death, and futility. The hand is in contrast to the mountain. But in this case the weak fist in not held up in defiance. This hand was copied from a photo of dead mans hand. The man was a victim of the Bosnian War.

Many artist's have been inspired by the Glasshouse Mountains, in many and different ways.
Lawrence Daws and Joe Daws his son, have some great paintings that relate directly or indirectly to these Mountains. Check out their websites here and here.


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  2. I love the power expressed in the first drawing. I especially love the clouds that always cling to beerwah, sometimes it's as if she's smoking a pipe. very ladylike. Even on moonlit nights I watch the cloud that invariably hovers like a tiara about her head.

  3. Me and me mate Spot went for a walk around crook neck - when we got to the south side (we went anti clockwise starting from the east side) we saw what looked like a way up so we decided to have a go. I led the way up to this big lump of rock that kind of stuck out and blocked the way. You could get your right leg around it and get your foot into the next foot hold but in order to make the step you would have to spring off your left foot and absolutely make it or fall about fourty metres to death. I stood there for a few minutes springing on my left foot and susing it but finally decided that it wasn't worth the risk. I was especially worried about getting back around it on the way down... Spot on the other hand had no fear of anything and not much good sense come to think of it. He took my place and went straight around the rock and headed on up. I went down to somewhere safe to wait; he had disappeared from sight and I had no idea where he was. Some time later I saw him coming down facing out from the rock, kind of sitting. He called out that he was shaking un-controllably. He made it down alright but I think he got lucky in doing so. He said that it was no worries going up and he soon made the top which is a small flat area about the size of a car parking space. He reckons he looked around and saw that there was clouds around him and then looked down the way he had come, freaked out and started shaking. I'd never seen him so freaked - he said he would never do it again.
    Spot went on to do a whole bunch of stupid things including leaving his wife and kid for a junkie chick and becoming a heroin addict. I don't know if he survived that one or not.

  4. Thanks roj that's the story I remember. Sort of SPOT the brain cell stuff. I walked around the base one day, until I got to the western side, which sort of hangs and twists. In the trees on that side were plenty of fallen bits of rock. The rocks were caught in the forks of tree branches and littered all over the ground. I think the mountain is collapsing a bit in parts. I took it as an omen not to mess with this mountain. The National Parks blokes have now banned people from climbing or getting too close - probably a good thing too.

  5. I look at that photo of Crookneck in the smoke and wish I'd been there with a video camera, it must have been a very dynamic sight.


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