Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A r t ?

"A work of art is an externalization of the artist's consciousness; as if we could see his way of seeing and not merely what he saw" -Arthur C. Danto


  1. I've been interested in definitions of what art is for a while now and this one I quite like.

  2. This is similar to, "What a man thinks so he is". What you think or believe can be found in who you are or what you do. I.E. Picasso paints a Cubist painting, then this represent to a point, what he believes. His world view can be found in the underlying intent of his work.
    There was an art blog that ran a competition for art definitions a few months ago. There was quite a few listed, except I can't find the link now. I'll look later.

    Art is just a man's name.

    Nothing is really just what you saw. Even photo realist paintings are sampled, interpreted, processed and compressed. The underlying plausibility of reality lies in the immaterial.

  3. an affinity with another person's art may be a sign of common humanity, a resonance with the artist in their way of thinking or seeing


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