Monday, 20 August 2007

Painting without consequence.

Above are a few quick sketches in preparation for Squarescape Seven. And below is the beginnings of the actual painting in my studio. As of tonight, the painting is now fully coloured in. I am using acrylic mixed with polymer glaze in thin transparent washes. Also the stripes were produced by dribbling masking fluid down the surface. It's at the stage where I am beginning to like it, but am now too scared to put a brush to it.

I am also starting to frame some drawings - below are a few shots taken from a room I cleared just for viewing , sorting and framing.

This last one is, 'Fire Jumping Night', which is looking good with a nice crisp mat board window. But it's getting late, and I have a stiff neck, and must go to bed, and let art play another day.


  1. Will this be your first solo exhibition? It looks like you have plenty of stuff; enoough to do the space that you have booked? Is it a commercial gallery or some other venue?
    you're new painting looks interesting - it appears that you are staying close to the original preliminary drawings. How do you find the translation in scale? I seem to discover all sorts of compositional and line quality issues.

  2. No, roj I had one a few years back at the Caloundra Regional Gallery. The show was called, 'The Last Wave'. Scott Redford(McCaull) bailed out at the last minute, so the gallery rang and asked me. I had about two months to get organised. John Drake did the framing and spoke at the opening. Mark McLeod has confirmed he will speak at the Jan '08 show. It's becoming an old Art College family affair. Time seems like a bit of standstill for me. All things I have done or experienced, old friends and contacts seem rather ever present and relevant. I still feel for artwork and friends from 20 years ago. I don't always chase them up or pursue them because they don't seem lost or time does not feel like it's moving. Hopefully we will all have another group show like we did in the eighties - 'In the Image' - but more retrospective - 'Out of Focus Image'.

    I should have enough work to fill this gallery twice over. It's the framing that's the problem. I can't afford the time or money at the moment to go to a commercial gallery. While I am working it is very hard to keep an art career up to the worlds speed. I am milking the regionals and maybe some comps. As things progress I am trying to build my CV . The Blog only helps with networking and exposure. Blogs are very cutting edge at the moment and I think I have my foot in the door.

    This painting really is quite simple to translate to a larger scale. Its very open to interpretation in it's translation.
    The painting is becoming very ephemeral and fabric like - sort transcendent and spiritual in it's look and feel. It's likely to be hung at the show at this rate.

  3. On ya mate - keep banging away. I fully relate to what you say about work and art - tough mix. I've added in a heap of triathlon training and will soon have to factor in sailing on saturday arvos. Wendy reckons I should give sailing the flick but I have a sponsor for the boat so I'm committed to it whether I like it or not. The sponsor is a winery owner who happens to be one of our regular clients. can't be letting her down. Cycle training etc., mostly happens in the morning which still leaves me the evenings but by 9 pm I'm looking for bed. I think successfull artists must be fairly selfish, at least in regard their social life. Triathlon - especially cycling - is a very social activity.


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