Wednesday, 29 August 2007

on this blog process...

I'm finding this blog - and mine - to be very worthwhile. Thanks to Elizabeth's suggestion about documenting process, I am now photographing my paintings at significant intervals. It is interesting and revealing to review the process. I've never done it before except once at college when Wendy photographed a painting that I was doing at intervals as the subject for a photographic essay she was doing. I'll make it a habit from here on in.
Keep bunging stuff up you'se mob.


  1. Yes, roj it is worthwhile, but I would like to get a few more artists involved on this site. I haven't posted as much lately because one of the managers at work left and I am managing alone. I have had to hire and restructure staff in the last four weeks and maintain the store through one of the busiest times of the year - the lead up to Fathers Day. Also very busy preparing for Jan Show. A change might come soon, where I have a bit more time. May post an open invitation for extra artists to be apart of this blog. What do you think?

  2. I don't mind who participates - I would prefer that who-ever they are were regular so that the blog has continuity.

  3. I feel a little on the outer being a non-painter also the way I work tends to mean I don't need much input during the creative process. I usually do the work in one session and it's either to my liking or not. It's afterwards that I'm not so sure of the works worth, but that changes from day to day also. A little more navel gazing from the ant.

  4. wow, half you're luck - changing from day to day - I have trouble getting through a couple of hours


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