Sunday, 5 August 2007

Drawing Sort

Sorting through drawings, trying to work out what is finished, what is suitable for framing or what needs finishing. Found some daggy free music and then blended the film clips into a sequence of sorts. The videos I am posting on this site show the process of fiddling around with software and video footage. Just skirting around the edges at the moment, getting in the mood. Eventually a short film will emerge called, 'as'.

Have almost finished another Squarescape painting and have been making pine and MDF painting supports the last few days, just in case I need a few more artworks for my show. Will need a gallery full of paintings, lots of drawings, a video, and an artwork explanation sheet for each work. Also, I will have to make sure they are all suitably framed.
All this by Jan '08 while trying to manage a hardware store of ten staff. Fortunately I get two weeks off in January, which I will need up my sleeve, just to tidy things up.

Went to the Howard Arkley exhibition at the new Brisbane Contemporary Art Gallery last Thursday afternoon. The work looked very bright and professional. I was impressed by the quality of the work. The colour patterning and spray technique were fascinating and impressive. There were some Brett Whitely works in the old Gallery, which I thought seemed very dated and badly made. But in saying that, I believe the Whitely works demonstrate a greater depth of content and more interesting drawing than the Arkley's. After a while the Arkley's suffer from repetition and simple suburban cliche'. But, the presentation and quality were superb and present a bit of a challenge to any artist wannabe.


  1. Be a bit careful with the mdf especially if you're working big - it warps and can be very difficult to get flat on the wall - but I guess you already know that

  2. Yes, roj your right - check my comment on The Bird Proofer, under the, 'Zoom' post.

  3. Saw the Howard Arkley when it was on in Melb. Enjoyed it all up to the houses and the fluoro stuff which lost me. However really liked the Primitives in gold and silver, and the tattoos. It's a pity he was such a junkie, he produced a lot of also-ran stuff just for a quick sale, but then again he used to run the gauntlet even when I had him as a teacher. Not that he taught us squat.

  4. if arkley did good craft that got a bit dull after you've seen a few of them and whitely chucked it together but mostly kept it happening, I think I'd go the whitely.


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