Monday, 6 August 2007

the comet

the process has proceeded linearly as you would expect of a process commanded by the arrow of time.
It isn't finished yet but it is more nearly finished than it was on friday.


  1. Hey roj good to see you gettin' stuck into it. Progress looks inner arresting so far. Check out this artist from overseas.
    She has been to our site to check us out. Some of her works have a similar feel/look to your chaotica style.

  2. I like this one Roger it reminds me of those interesting sections you get when renovating masonry walls, when one bit of render is OK but another part has fallen off. Then once it's been repaired but hasn't been painted, you really want to leave it the way it is because it looks so interesting, but you can't because that's acceptable. That's life I guess

  3. Antlion - you got it exactly - I get really excited about crumbling render, dodgy concrete, rusty sea containers and broken walls.
    That Kalthoum shiela is on the wavelength


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