Thursday, 30 August 2007

Binna Burra

This is an early work from around 1982. While at Art College our painting class and a few lecturers went to Binna Burra for a weekend camp. Binna Burra is on a mountain range in Queensland, close to the border of New South Wales. It's a National Park with many long walks through dense and beautiful rainforest.

Recently, an artist told me, "I just paint what I see".
Well, I have always had problems with painting what I see. Even as a kid in primary school I wanted to draw what I think. If I ever draw what I see, meaning a more realistic representation, then I still want what I see, to be in service to what I think. In fact I don't think anyone really draws just what they see. Even photography is an edited, frozen snapshot taken from a point of view. As people become more exposed to a form of Art like music or painting they learn to see more and understand the artists vision. Those who are rather naive about painting seem to respond with praise to more realistic works. This is in some way an adopted position, picked up from schooling or some other social conditioning. I have noticed that children at a certain age seem to freely respond to less realistic works. But many adults have lost this ability.

Anyway, this drawing represents the branches and bush stylized and felt. I thought at the time that I would run as fast as I could from the maddening crowd that just wanted to paint what they saw. But, I much admire those artists who can render a scene, still life or figure with great accuracy, gusto and meaning.

Three score and ten is not enough time for an artist.


  1. Your posts are becoming more and more interesting and eloquent. i agree completely with your observations and opinions- concerning Art that is!

  2. Thanks for the comment LM. I went to the Upfront Club last night with Judy and another couple. The duo, '87 strings', were playing. One of the performers in the duo was performing the night I saw Yi playing. He has a very southern blues sound, but with a tough Rodriguez voice and rhythm.
    Yi's new song and film look good. Angus did a good job of the sound and mixing, better than the other recordings. The film clip serves the music and lyrics well and looks almost broadcast quality.


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