Thursday, 30 August 2007

Binna Burra

This is an early work from around 1982. While at Art College our painting class and a few lecturers went to Binna Burra for a weekend camp. Binna Burra is on a mountain range in Queensland, close to the border of New South Wales. It's a National Park with many long walks through dense and beautiful rainforest.

Recently, an artist told me, "I just paint what I see".
Well, I have always had problems with painting what I see. Even as a kid in primary school I wanted to draw what I think. If I ever draw what I see, meaning a more realistic representation, then I still want what I see, to be in service to what I think. In fact I don't think anyone really draws just what they see. Even photography is an edited, frozen snapshot taken from a point of view. As people become more exposed to a form of Art like music or painting they learn to see more and understand the artists vision. Those who are rather naive about painting seem to respond with praise to more realistic works. This is in some way an adopted position, picked up from schooling or some other social conditioning. I have noticed that children at a certain age seem to freely respond to less realistic works. But many adults have lost this ability.

Anyway, this drawing represents the branches and bush stylized and felt. I thought at the time that I would run as fast as I could from the maddening crowd that just wanted to paint what they saw. But, I much admire those artists who can render a scene, still life or figure with great accuracy, gusto and meaning.

Three score and ten is not enough time for an artist.

Jiang Jun Xue Ping Gui Xi Zheng 3

This is No3 of 3 in the series "Jiang Jun Xue Ping Gui Xi Zheng", which will be screened in Bendigo in October 2007 for 'Undue Noise'. I will also be performing additional live soundtrack elements on that night.

how about this one ?

"Art is a kind of energy with subversive potential that can be wittingly infiltrated into other contexts which may then re-define its nature and evoke what he calls 'the inexpressible area', an area that can be approached not directly but only by heading in the opposite direction."
-John Lethbridge.

I've been trying to understand this one for years , sometimes I think I've sort of got it but then it's gone.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

on this blog process...

I'm finding this blog - and mine - to be very worthwhile. Thanks to Elizabeth's suggestion about documenting process, I am now photographing my paintings at significant intervals. It is interesting and revealing to review the process. I've never done it before except once at college when Wendy photographed a painting that I was doing at intervals as the subject for a photographic essay she was doing. I'll make it a habit from here on in.
Keep bunging stuff up you'se mob.

old drawings still have life in them

did this one almost two years ago when it was an oddity amongst the others being produced at the time, but searched it out to compare to recent work. hey presto , connections are obvious.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A r t ?

"A work of art is an externalization of the artist's consciousness; as if we could see his way of seeing and not merely what he saw" -Arthur C. Danto

Monday, 20 August 2007

Painting without consequence.

Above are a few quick sketches in preparation for Squarescape Seven. And below is the beginnings of the actual painting in my studio. As of tonight, the painting is now fully coloured in. I am using acrylic mixed with polymer glaze in thin transparent washes. Also the stripes were produced by dribbling masking fluid down the surface. It's at the stage where I am beginning to like it, but am now too scared to put a brush to it.

I am also starting to frame some drawings - below are a few shots taken from a room I cleared just for viewing , sorting and framing.

This last one is, 'Fire Jumping Night', which is looking good with a nice crisp mat board window. But it's getting late, and I have a stiff neck, and must go to bed, and let art play another day.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

'lying low'

Once my son Tom came up to stay with us for a week, he was escaping a Kickboxer thug who was threatening him for putting 'VS' posters over his kickboxing posters. Anyway we spent a large part of that week of lying low making music, this track is from that time.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

week-end of the 11th & 12th of august

Made some serious progess on "the comet. Bit worried about the other one though.

Friday, 10 August 2007


This is the view of one of the Glasshouse Mountains. This is the view I get from the road in front of my house. They call this one Crookneck. One of the ArtSmelters, 'roj', has a story about climbing this mountain, and hopefully he will comment and fill us in.

Below is a shot I took during the fire season . This is the same mountain from a different angle, but almost totally enveloped in smoke. It's amazing how the smoke grips the mountain. Sometimes the clouds do the same thing and just sort of embrace the mountains , as if they are not going to let go.

This is a pencil and paint drawing I did a few years back of Crookneck. Acrylic paint was used in a limited palette then drawn into with 9B pencil. The pencil was dissolved with turps and rubbed back into the paint. This altered and unified the colour scheme. Finally 9B and white pencil were drawn back over the paint to redefine an excite the image.

The second drawing explores the idea of life, death, and futility. The hand is in contrast to the mountain. But in this case the weak fist in not held up in defiance. This hand was copied from a photo of dead mans hand. The man was a victim of the Bosnian War.

Many artist's have been inspired by the Glasshouse Mountains, in many and different ways.
Lawrence Daws and Joe Daws his son, have some great paintings that relate directly or indirectly to these Mountains. Check out their websites here and here.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007


This is a statement on the way city people come to the country thinking that the poor country folk need enlightening. If they would only listen they could be like us with culture, affluence and stress.

Monday, 6 August 2007

intersecting universes

early days yet

how much is this?

At my current rate of earning it would take me roughly 3450 years to earn the equivalent estimated market value of "Blue Poles"

the comet

the process has proceeded linearly as you would expect of a process commanded by the arrow of time.
It isn't finished yet but it is more nearly finished than it was on friday.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Drawing Sort

Sorting through drawings, trying to work out what is finished, what is suitable for framing or what needs finishing. Found some daggy free music and then blended the film clips into a sequence of sorts. The videos I am posting on this site show the process of fiddling around with software and video footage. Just skirting around the edges at the moment, getting in the mood. Eventually a short film will emerge called, 'as'.

Have almost finished another Squarescape painting and have been making pine and MDF painting supports the last few days, just in case I need a few more artworks for my show. Will need a gallery full of paintings, lots of drawings, a video, and an artwork explanation sheet for each work. Also, I will have to make sure they are all suitably framed.
All this by Jan '08 while trying to manage a hardware store of ten staff. Fortunately I get two weeks off in January, which I will need up my sleeve, just to tidy things up.

Went to the Howard Arkley exhibition at the new Brisbane Contemporary Art Gallery last Thursday afternoon. The work looked very bright and professional. I was impressed by the quality of the work. The colour patterning and spray technique were fascinating and impressive. There were some Brett Whitely works in the old Gallery, which I thought seemed very dated and badly made. But in saying that, I believe the Whitely works demonstrate a greater depth of content and more interesting drawing than the Arkley's. After a while the Arkley's suffer from repetition and simple suburban cliche'. But, the presentation and quality were superb and present a bit of a challenge to any artist wannabe.
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