Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Starting to frame

Just framed up the smaller work here called ,'Spiritual Proxy in Many Parts'. I am using the frames from a previous show. The Large painting of me with a chair called, 'Image Defense', has had some alterations over the last week. It is almost finished. A bit of tweaking to do. For example the extra red below my ear, delineates the neck and head more.Both of these works will be in my Jan '08 show. Starting to get serious now and do a bit more planning and finishing off. May have to start another two or so big paintings - pressure is building. If you see blood posted it is me bleeding from my eyes.

Here is another few drawings in various stages of realization. The two on the left have had paint on them in the last two nights. The other three are in meditation stage - waiting for the destructive hand or hopefully the cutting edge. Either way they will be finished.
I am thinking about moving up to multiple person paintings again, using some of the figures situations I have developed in drawings like these and others that I have posted on my site. The failed painter has some good examples of multiple figure works posted on her site. I strongly identify with her work and her way of working. Check out this example.


  1. Oi david...thanks for the plug...I'm feeling rather breezy round the nether regions. Better get back into purdah.
    Your drawings look great. Like I said over at your private bin site...strong hockney feel with dollops of David.
    Take no offence-it's all good.
    This blog is steaming!
    I'm getting tempted to contribute.

  2. Thanks LM just trying to show appreciation to those I appreciate.
    I have asked at least five others to join, but I think they are a bit coy as yet. Although one seems very keen. Four artists from Buderim and another from Beerwah. You and Fong would be most welcome. And anyone else you can bring along. I am hoping to have around ten. I am beyond offending so let it rip.


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