Friday, 13 July 2007

shadow of myself


  1. I saw this and it very much reminded me of the message image notion that I have posted above - I think the two images are very similar both in texture and division of the picture - yours by shadow edges, mine by cuts. I think of the edges/cuts as the beeps in a morse code type message. If you read the image horizontally at a constant speed you encounter these edges/cuts at intervals - the rest of the image is all static - white noise... sssssss!sssssssss!sss!ssss!ssss.

  2. Good to have this post and comments on here. I find it exciting. It's interesting to have people look at your art work and express different points of view. Normally we are way to close to our work to see everything. We don't really have a monopoly on our own art - we can't step far enough away. We vent our work and seldom do we get any reaction too it. But reaction is a positive thing. I love it when someone all of a sudden actually looks and responds - there is then a honesty that is not based on pleasantries. The possibility of having that connection all the time is very slim indeed, but when it happens it is fulfilling. Most of us at our age (45-55) have been battling along in various ways, with varying amounts of exposure.
    But rarely do we get the success that we think is worth striving for.
    I went to an art opening tonight at Caloundra. John and Katy were exhibiting in a group show. We had some coffee together afterwards and some great conversations. We talked a lot about this sort stuff, and being an artist. That's why I am a bit fired up. Katy is interested in posting art as well. I think we all need a way of showing work.
    Thank you elisabeth and roj for contributing to this blog. Is this the new camera elisabeth?
    Roj interesting comment - a different way of reading the image.
    - I have been running my eyes back and forth across the image.

  3. This was actually a completely random image . yes David, new camera . and also the first time I had taken it for an outing, just to document some of the shapes in the landscape that keep repeating in my painting. I turned it on and looked down at the track I was climbing. We all read differently, images and text too.


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