Saturday, 14 July 2007

Recent Vistors Map

Click on this map to view a larger version.

I thought you other ArtSmelters might be interested in this. This is a map of the world indicating where our visitors have been coming from. Not everyone that visits leaves a comment, but the world is watching. Interesting and challenging isn't it?
If you want to add one of these and a counter to your own site go to >
It's free and they tell you how to set it up. Make sure you download a backup template to your hard drive - just in case you make a mistake, then you can always restore. It's not very hard to set this up.
If your interested in others checking out your site, then leave a comment on theirs.
Also a link list on your site allows you to have links to your favorite blogs and sites.
Most bloggers know you have linked to them and check you out.
There are some very good art blogs out there.

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