Friday, 13 July 2007

Recent comments

The recent comments feed down the bottom of the side bar seems to have collapsed on this blog and on my blog. Don't know how to fix it yet - will try over the next few days. The number at the bottom of the side bar is the number of visitors we have had. The new feature at the top of the side bar shows how many are viewing the site at one time. If you have any suggestions about changes please feel free to let me know.

P.S. The statistical data on this site should be more interesting as time goes on.
The stat sites show you maps of the world indicating where the visitors are coming from.
My own blog has had people from all over the world. Will post images as they get more exciting or find way to let members have access. Everything is an experiment here.
- Have Fun -

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  1. Fixed the comments feed - Some other idea I was playing with a few days back stripped about 30 lines of HTML code out of the Template. Went to Hackosphere and found the problem and reinserted code. Phew!


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