Sunday, 22 July 2007

New Look

Still working on the new look blog - went to bed at 1.00 am this morning. But things are working well. Have set up Picassa 2 gallery slideshow on left sidebar, which shows works I have posted. All works posted by others are automatically sent to Picassa 2 Gallery which is free with your gmail account. If you want your image postings shown as well then let me know.
Have set up ArtSmelt Youtube video channel in sidebar as well, members videos can be uploaded to this channel and will display at top of postings. Might need to set up common username and password or something like that.
Might change header picture - especially if we get new artists on board.
Can put individual artists images on right sidebar - just let me know.

Will tweak as I go - tweak, tweak.


  1. Good work David I'm glad you removed the stretched image of one of my favourite people from the side bar, she looks better normal shape. On our computer the whole thing could be almost 4CM wider on each side, though I know this may not be the same on all screens.

  2. I like this layout much better David and your nice red and white T shirt

  3. Thanks fong - it's lycra.

    Antlion the screen is narrower so that those with lower resolutions or smaller monitors don't have to scroll sideways.
    That is why a lot of blogs and webpages are narrower these days.
    It's not just a style thing but a practical one.
    The width of the blog is set to 975px.The previous width was 720px.
    The Bird Proofer is 660px. - I will eventually adjust the bird to 3 columns 975px as well. 3 columns offers more flexibility, more information.


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