Saturday, 21 July 2007

New Design?

What would you other ArtSmelters think of a new blog design?
Maybe something like My BlogSmelter experimental blog.
Three columns and wider in black. This would allow more information up top. Also it could have a gallery of our works down the right side.
Go to BlogSmelter to check it out, then let me know.

I can do a three column version of the rounders 3(current version) but it's more problematic.

I thought the Header picture could be a combination of contributing artists works. Blended from left to right.

Otherwise I could leave it alone and add minor tweaks.



  1. I like it better and the 3 columns are good, It could be wider over all on our screen and the Idea of the combined works in the header I like also, especially if it could be a changing thing.

  2. more chaotic than the present one - I aint knockin chaos though... crack it out blog man

  3. Well maybe I will go ahead. I can make it wider again. But I don't know about the changing pictures I could try. I'll start simple and expand.

  4. Ok roj but, I will try and keep it ordered. Bought Blue Valentines today - It's good, I listened to it in the car after visiting the gallery space for my next show.


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